Gateway Upgrade North

The Gateway Upgrade North project was the widening of the motorway from four to six lanes from Nudgee to Deagon on the northern side of Brisbane. The project required six new bridge structures with piled foundations.

  • 150No. Bored Piles ranging from 750mm to 1800mm in diameter upto 50m in depth.
  • 60 No. 550mm PSC Driven piles upto 31.5m in length.
  • Drill Rig Bauer BG15, BG24, BG28, Soilmec SR40, LoDril DH20
  • Driven Rig Junttan PM25, M12000 leader with 16tn hammer
  • Various Crawler Cranes, 80tn upto 400tn
  • IHC 58B Vibrator
CLIENT: Lend Lease Engineering


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