Kingsford Smith Drive

The Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade involves the widening of the road from four to six lanes. The key feature of the upgrade is the new river walk structure that supports the widened road and shared pedestrian and cyclist path.

    • 14 No. 1200mm bored piles upto 17m deep
    • 176 No. 1500mm bored piles upto 31.5m deep
    • 16 No. 1800mm bored piles upto 31.5m deep

All piles installed with permanent casing to MRTS63

  • “3 x Drill Rig Bauer BG28
  • 2 x IHC 58B Vibrator
  • 1 x IHC 110C Vibrator”
CLIENT: Lend Lease Engineering


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